Wellness Center Donations

With the 2019-2020 school year, Branham is excited to be launching our new Wellness Center to address the holistic needs of students, families, community, and staff.


While we still in the process of building the center, your donation would be helping to furnish the space to be welcoming to the community, as well as helping to bring valuable programs, services, and resources to our campus! Our vision is to strengthen relationships between the school, families, and community through collaborations with partners to bring mental health services, mindfulness, health resources, mentorship, art and creative therapy, student leadership opportunities, access to resources, and other community events.


If you are interested in also donating your time or other expertise you think might be aligned with the mission of the center, please feel free to contact the Wellness Center Director at (408) 626-3407 ext. 7126.

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